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Plastics recycling in the automotive sector

Dissertant: David Schönmayr
BetreuerFriedrich M. Zimmermann


This thesis is designed to foster innovative solutions to tackle the insufficiency of plastics recycling and the usage of recycled plastic in the automotive sector in Europe. The aim is to advance sustainability in this branch with the focus on CO2-reduction. Currently, there is a lack of information, innovation and ultimately practical and holistic solutions within the automotive plastics production and recycling system. This transdisciplinary research is contributing to close these gaps in order to advance sustainability and answers the eminent need of taking action within the Europe 2020 Strategy. 

Currently, plastics materials in the automotive sector remain a highly controversial topic in terms of sustainability, which is embedded in the concept of human-ecology within the human-geographic theme cluster. On the one hand, plastics decrease the environmental pollution during the life-phase of a car through lightweight construction. On the other hand, the increased automotive plastics production causes significant CO2-extractions and ultimately emissions through crude oil demand, as well as significant plastics waste landfilling. 

With the final outcome of this integrative research I am providing holistic solutions to innovate the automotive plastics production and recycling system in terms of CO2-reduction.

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