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Potencial turístico en el continuo urbano-rural

Dissertantin: Romina V. Schroeder
Betreuer: Univ.-Prof.Dr. Friedrich M. Zimmermann


Local governments face recurring crises and efforts are directed to find options to solve conflict situations. In recent decades, the process of technological and productive change in rural areas has caused a strong impact on the territory organization. On the other hand, in urban areas there is a revival of rural space, both for the location of second homes, as well as for the practice of touristic and recreational activities. Different capacities exist to adapt to change, depending on resources and available capital. In this regard, initiatives and developments observed can be interpreted in the context of local development, considering possibilities and opportunities that places may have not directly articulated to the globalization process.

The proposed dissertation focuses on this new dynamic which emphasizes the territorial dimension. From this perspective, relationships between human settlements (middle-sized cities, small towns, rural areas) are expressed in an urban-rural continuum, which begins to show the progressive development of non-traditional agricultural activities and non-agricultural activities in rural areas. Basically, the study aims at identifying actors, actions and projects that would lead to territorial revitalization processes, on the basis of the touristic and recreational activity.

The analysis of these changes, in the case of the immediate area of influence of a middle-sized city (Bahía Blanca, Argentina), will provide further insights on framework conditions for a learning process that involves institutions, actors and local community. This research will contribute to understand the necessary involvement of those responsible for territorial management, to support and provide resources, ideas and networking to generate a process of more formal change, oriented towards local and regional planning.

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