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Transformation of Resource-based Cities in China

Dissertantin: Yanli Zhang
Betreuer: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Friedrich M. Zimmermann

There are many resource-based cities all over the world as industrialization and urbanization process. With the exploitation of the resources, environmental problems, social problems, economical problems appear in these cities. Scientists all over the world have done a lot of research about resource-based cities. Many resource-based cities in western countries have transformed successfully. However transformation of resource-based cities is still a worldwide problem.

There are hundreds of resource-based cities in China. Many of them are facing resource exhaustion. Resource-based cities have made momentous contributions to the development of the national economy for decades. However, with the exhaustion of natural resources, their development is facing challenge and their transformation is becoming more and more important. Sustainable development is objective of a common struggle of the mankind on the earth. From the late 20th century to now, sustainable development became the main direction of the research of resource-based cities.  In this research, sustainable modeling will be used as an instrument to transform resource-based cities in China.

This research is going to answer the following questions: What is sustainable system for resource-based cities? What is the successful transformation way of those former resource-based cities? How to use sustainable system model to transform Resource-based cities? How to apply the transformation experience of the former resource-based cities to current resource-based cities? How to use sustainable modeling in the urban and regional planning?

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