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Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on High Mountain Remote Sensing Cartography


Publication Reference
Grazer Schriften der Geographie und Raumforschung, Band 45,  Institute of Geography and Regional Science, University of Graz, 326 pages.


Viktor KAUFMANN (Institute of Applied Geodesy, Graz University of Technology, Austria) & Wolfgang SULZER (Institute of Geography and Regional Science, University of Graz, Austria)

Download Full proceedings (pdf; 36 MB)


Autor Title Download
Content <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/0_HMRSC-X-Content.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Cover <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/HMRSC-X_cover_front_back.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Chuyen Nguyen et al. Comparative Analysis of ECW, MrSid and JPEG2000 Compression Techniques of Mosaiced DOQQ Image Data <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/01_HMRSC-X_Chuyen_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Matthias S. Moeller Mount Kilimanjaro Land Use Land Cover Mapping from Satellite Image Time Series <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/02_HMRSC-X_Moeller.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Piere Fritzsche, Gunter Menz Observing plant activity with MODIS Terra NDVI Images, a study within the Atlas Region (South Morocco) <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/03_HMRSC-X_Fritzsche_Menz.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
K. Uddin, and D. R. Gurung Land cover change in Bangladesh- a knowledge based classification approach <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/04_HMRSC-X_Uddin_Gurung.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Anthea Mitchell et al. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for investigating the terrain morphology, land cover and elevation of three sub-Antarctic Islands. <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/05_HMRSC-X_Mitchel_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Nora J. Schneevoigt et al. Object-oriented classification of alpine landforms from an ASTER scene and digital elevation data (Reintal, Bavarian Alps) <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/06_HMRSC-X_Schneevoigt_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
G. Areendran et al. Vegetation types of the endangered Eastern Ghats mountain ecosystem – A Remote Sensing perspective <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/07_HMRSC-X_Areendran_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Sulzer et al. Multitemporal crop and land cover analysis in Chitwan (Nepal) by means of remote sensing. Correlation with the distribution of giant honeybee (Apis dorsata) colonies <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/08_HMRSC-X_Sulzer_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Samjwal Ratna Bajracharya Change in glacial environment of Everest region, Nepal <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/09_HMRSC-X_Bajracharyal.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Faisal M. Qamer et al. Multi-scale watershed database of Pakistan <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/10_HMRSC-X_Quamer_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Rabin K. Sharma Standardization of Geographical Names in Nepal <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/11_HMRSC-X_Sharma.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Viktor Kaufmann, Richard Ladstädter Documentation and visualization of the morphodynamics of Hinteres Langtalkar rock glacier (Hohe Tauern range, Austrian Alps) based on aerial photographs (1954-2006) and geodetic measurements (1999-2007) <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/12_HMRSC-X_Kaufmann_Ladstaedter.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
M. Leidig and R. Gloaguen Erosion estimation in the Himalayan Mountains using remote sensing data <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/13_HMRSC-X_Leidig_Gloaguenal.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Birendra Bajracharya, Kabir Uddin Study of Land Cover Dynamics in Sagarmatha National Park and Buffer Zone <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/14_HMRSC-X_Bajracharya_Uddin.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
K. Mruthyunjaya Reddy, A. Nageswara Rao, S.V.B. K. Bhagavan Integrated Study and addressing orf various measures for environmental problems of Pulicat Lagoon and ist catchment, parts of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu, India <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/15_HMRSC-X_Reddy_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Krishna Poudel GI Science In The Mountain Geography With a focus to the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/16_HMRSC-X_Poudel.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Karen Sudmeier-Rieux et al. Mapping land use change in post earthquake AJK, Pakistan: lessons learned and challenges <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/17_HMRSC-X_Sudmeier-Rieux_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Stefan Buck, Viktor Kaufmann The Influence of Air Temperature on the Creep Behaviour of Three Rockglaciers in the Hohe Tauern <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/18_HMRSC-X_Buck_Kaufmann.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
C. ANDERMANN, R. GLOAGUEN, S. BONNET The interaction of climate-tectonic-landscape and erosion in the Hindikush Himalayas: Integrated approach of remote sensing techniques, laboratory experiment simulations and ground truth validation <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/19_HMRSC-X_Andermann_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Clemens Eisank, Andreas Kääb, Stefan Kienberger Modelling of snow distribution for European and Asian test areas through MODIS snow cover data <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/20_HMRSC-X_Eisank_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Petra Füreder Topographic correction of satellite images for improved LULC classification in alpine areas <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/21_HMRSC-X_Fuereder.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Rajesh Thapa et al. Land Use Land Cover Mapping in the Asian Test Areas Case Study in Wangchu Basin in Bhutan, Lhasa Basin in Tibet, China and in Brahmaputra valley and surrounding areas of North East India <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/22_HMRSC-X_Thapa_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Stefan Kienberger et al. The integration of Land Use/Land Cover data within the modelling of socio-economic vulnerabilities <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/23_HMRSC-X_Kienberger_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Peter B. Sørensen et al. Eduspace - the European Earth Observation Web Site for Secondary Schools <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/24_HMRSC-X_Sorensen_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Anup Saikia The Eye in the Sky - A tale of two cities <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/25_HMRSC-X_Saika.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Wolfgang Sulzer et al. Environmental problems in the Himalaya – a special focus on Nepal and Tibet, EDUSPACE CASE STUDY “HIMALAYA FROM SPACE” <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/26_HMRSC-X_Sulzer_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Srijana Limbu Case Study on Air Pollution using MERIS Satellite Images <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/27_HMRSC-X_Limbu.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Krishna Pahari, Man Bahadur Kshettri, Jurg Lichtenegger Understanding Shivapuri National Park, Nepal with the aid of Remote Sensing <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/28_HMRSC-X_Pahari_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Holger Frey et al. Automated detection of glacier lakes based on remote sensing in view of assessing associated hazard potentials <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/29_HMRSC-X_Frey_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Juerg Lichtenegger et al. Near Real-Time Monitoring of Glacial Lake Imja (Khumbu-Everest region) <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/30_HMRSC-X_Lichtenegger.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Sagar Bajracharya et al. Validation of Satellite Rainfall Estimation in the Summer monsoon Dominated Area of the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/31_HMRSC-X_Bajracharya.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Takayuki Nuimura et al. Volume change estimation of glaciers in Khumbu Himal region using with multitemporal digital elevation model. <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/32_HMRSC-X_Nuimura_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Tino Pieczonka, Tobias Bolch, Prof. Dr. Manfred Buchroithner Volumetric Glacier Changes in the Khumbu Himal since 1962 using Space Imagery <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/33_HMRSC-X_Pieczonka_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
W.W. Immerzeel et al. Satellite Derived Snow and Runoff Dynamics in the Upper Indus River Basin <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/34_HMRSC-X_Immerzeel_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Juliane Peters et al. Glacier Surface Velocities in the Mount Everest Area/ Nepal using ASTER and Ikonos imagery <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/35_HMRSC-X_Peters_et_al.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>
Deo Raj Gurung et al. Wi-Fi network at Imja Tsho (lake), Nepal: an Early Warning System (EWS) for Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) <a href="http://www-classic.uni-graz.at/geowww/hmrsc/hmrsc-x/36_HMRSC-X_Gurung.pdf" target="_blank">pdf</a>

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