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The mountain processes and mountain hazards group (Cascade)

Mountain areas comprise dramatic landscapes and unique ecosystems, having fascinated humans for centuries. At the same time, they provide society with various goods and services such as water or space for recreation. Nevertheless, mountain areas also bear some considerable hazards and risks, which are increasing in the context of climate and subsequent environmental change. Geomorphological processes in mountain systems – such as receding glaciers and the associated formation of lakes, warming and thawing of permafrost ice, or different types of landslides – are often closely linked to each other. They can be involved in step-wise sequences of processes – so-called cascading effects – on different spatial and temporal scales, reaching all the way down to the foreland and resulting in damages or, in the worst case, even disasters.

The aim of the working group Cascade is to contribute to a better understanding of geomorphological process relationships and the relevant human-environment-interactions in mountain areas, and thereby to improve the basis for an adequate handling of the corresponding chances and risks. This requires the combination of a broad variety of competencies and methods. Particular emphasis is also put on the transfer of knowledge and skills to learners of different levels.


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