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Expertise and Projects

Projects of the research working group Alpine Landscape Dynamics (ALADYN)

Ongoing and recently accomplished projects of ALADYN are mostly funded by different third-party funds. In our projects, we cooperate with geographers from the University of Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna as well as with geologists, climatologists, botanists, and researcher working in the fields of natural hazards, forestry and hydraulic engineering. Our international co-operations are linked to colleagues in Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, Georgia, Romania and Great Britain.

Current and recently concluded projects:

Subject area SEDIMENT

Impact of climate change on the sediment budget of small catchments
(Funding body: Austrian Climate Research Programme/ACRP) 

Interdisciplinary sediment flux research in the Johnsbach valley
(Funding body: Austrian Science Fund/FWF)   

Modelling future runoff and sediment transport in alpine torrents
(Funding body: Austrian Academy of Sciences/ÖAW) 

Crossing Thresholds
Analysis of hazardous tipping points in alpine watersheds – in the framework of the FWF-Doctoral programme CC-Cope Analysis of hazardous tipping points in alpine watersheds
(Funding body: Austrian Science Fund/FWF)

Preparing for hydrological hazards in Styria under conditions of uncertainty
in the framework of FWF Doctoral Programme Climate Change - Uncertainties, Thresholds and Coping Strategies
Analysing torrential catchment response to extreme precipitation events
(Funding body: Austrian Science Fund/FWF) 


Subject area WEATHERING

Rocking Alps
Rockfall and Weathering in the Eastern Alps
(Funding body: Austrian Science Fund/FWF

Humidity and temperature variations in rock walls and their influence on weathering
(Funding body: internal funding program) 

The Role of TEmperature, MOisture and Salts for Weathering Patterns:
Part I: Impact of moisture on rock weathering and on the decay of cultural heritage 
Part II: Moisture, salt and weathering dynamics on historic urban walls in Oxford (UK) and Graz 



Glacier Monitoring Pasterze
Annual monitoring of glaciation changes at Pasterze Glacier and its neighboring glaciers
(Funding body: Austrian Alpine Club/OeAV)

Permafrost monitoring in the Hohe Tauern National Park Carinthia
Monitoring of permafrost and permafrost-related landforms in the Hohe Tauern Range in Central Austria and its relationship to climate and climate change
(Funding body: Austrian Alpine Club/OeAV and Hohe Tauern National Park Carinthia

Long-term ecosystem monitoring
Long-term ecoystem monitoring in the Hohe Tauern National Park: Module 07: Cryosphere: Glaciers, Hydrologie, Climate, Permafrost
Funding body: Hohe Tauern National Park)

The hidden Ice at Pasterze Glacier
Quantification and monitoring of dead-ice bodies in the proglacial area of the largest glacier in Austria
(Funding body: Glockner-Öko-Fonds)

Glacier monitoring service of the Austrian Alpine Club
Management and leadership of the Austrian glacier monitoring programme oft he Austrian Alpine
Funding body: Austrian Alpine Club/OeAV)  



Transdisciplinary improvement of avalanche risk management
Funding body: different national and federal funding sources) 

Economic and Ethical Consequences of Natural Hazards in Alpine Valleys
Funding body: Austrian Academy of Sciences/ÖAW) 

Landuse Change Tafilalet
Climatological and anthropogenic forcing of landuse changes in Taflillet, Morocco
Funding body: internal funding programme)

Integrative Research Network Johnsbachtal
Interdisciplinary cooperation network in environmental monitoring at the Johnsbachtal catchment, Styria, Austria
(Funding body: internal funding programme)

Hazard Map Feldbach
Hazard map for landslides in the municipality of Feldbach, East Styria
(Funding body: Austrian programm for the development of rural areas 2014-2020)


Recent publications (selection)


Secretary of the Institute
Heinrichstraße 36 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 5137


Office Hours:
Monday til Friday 10-12 am

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