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Homogenization of snow series for a robust snow climatology of the Alps

Snow is not only an important economic factor but also stands for a very relevant potential of risk for mountain areas like the Alps. Hom4Snow focuses on long-term daily measurements of snow depth and depth of snowfall in Austria and Switzerland.  These data are the only sources for describing long-term snow changes. The high spatial density of measurements in the Alps makes it possible to capture the diversity of topography rather well. However, as with other climate time-series, there is a high probability that long-term snow measurements will exhibit inhomogeneities in the time series resulting from changes in the station environment, changes of observers, or changes in measurement practice. Such inhomogeneities can significantly change spatio-temporal trends, and subsequently lead to false conclusions from decision-makers or scientific users. For the homogenization appropriate statistical methods will be developed and applied to the snow series. In this context, it is possible to build on extensive experience in the measurement of snow in Switzerland and Austria. Finally, homogenized data can be used to analyze the spatial and temporal changes of snow in Switzerland and Austria.

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Funding agency:
Fonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (DACH)


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Heinrichstraße 36 8010 Graz
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Monday til Friday 10-12 am

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