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The relevance of meteorological mechanisms forced by mountain orography for the desiccation of Lake Urmia (NW-Iran)

Urmia Lake is the Worlds' second largest saline lake and the greatest lake in Iran. Its basin is an important agricultural region for a population of around 6 million people and for even more (with rough estimate of 75 million) as basic food resource. Dramatic disappearance of the lake has been observed over the last two decades, which evoked multiple discussions whether or not this is an effect of ongoing climate change or have been forced by human activities, such as water management (e.g. water dams and unapproved wells) or agriculture Laufzeit. Several international projects to understand hydrological mechanisms of the lake and save its original status were done during recent years. The PhD project aims at a better quantification of the impact of mountain landscape on the hydrology of the lake under the forcing of climate change, in particular the relevance of snow cover and the interaction of mountain orography with atmospheric stream flow (weather patterns).

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