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Commodification in/of Places And SpaceS (ComPASS)

The working group ComPASS (Commodification in/of Places And SpaceS) works on – in both research and teaching – questions and topics in the field of human geography, particularly in a social and cultural studies-oriented economic geography.

Current work focuses of team members are:

  • Geographies of consumption and production
  • Society, market and environment in a spatial perspective
  • Geographies of marketization and brands
  • Morethan-human geographies
  • Food studies
  • Animal studies
  • Tourism geographies
  • Regional development and rural areas
  • Shared urbanity: Sharing Economy and collaborative practices of everyday life
  • Didactic research on nutrition and consumption

Cooperation with other working groups of the Institute of Geography and Regional Science is well established. Furthermore, the working group is embedded in inter- and transdisciplinary activities of the URBI faculty as well as in university-wide activities and core areas of research. There are contacts to non-university project partners as well as numerous international scientific collaborations.

The working group is part of the University’s Field of Excellence “Dimensions of Europeanisation”, and contributes to the research networks “Environment and Global Change”, “Learning-Education-Knowledge” as well as “Heterogeity and Cohesion”.




Romana Zach

Institut für Bildungsforschung und PädagogInnenbildung

Postal Address:
Heinrichstr. 36
A-8010 Graz

Geidorfgürtel 21, 2nd Floor

Phone:+43 316 380 - 3849

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