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Submission of final degrees

It should be noted that the processing of final degrees at the Department takes up to 4 weeks. Therefore, make sure you hand in everything on time! 

To receive the bachelor, master or diploma reports you need to hand in the following documents:

  1. Protocol sheets filled in with the computer and signed (see left side)
  2. Current evidence of study (Print from UNIGRAZonline)
  3. Current and complete proof of study success (Print from UNIGRAZonline)
  4. Possibly notifications on accrediting of exams (Originals)
  5. Proof of practical experience (Original)
  6. Notifications on accrediting of exams if exams were taken at another institution (e.g. Technical University Graz)
  7. Filled in and approved form for the mandatory electives (accounts for Bachelor and Master Environmental Systems Sciences, Master Sustainable Urban and Regional Development and Master Mountain and Climate Geography)

The report can then be picked up at the URBI-faculty-exam office at Merangasse. 


Teaching Degree Geography and Economics

Information and Forms are downloadable at the Koordinationsstelle für Lehramtsstudien

Contact person: Katharina Pirstinger (Tel.: 0316/380-8025)



Anrechnungsformular Gebundene Wahlfächer Masterstudium Gebirgs- und Klimageographie (Studienplan 07W)

Anrechnungsformular Gebundene Wahlfächer Umweltsystemwissenschaften

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