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Doctoral degree Geography

The aim of the doctoral programme is to provide young scientists with an excellent education in various fields of geography that meets international standards. Beyond the academic professional training, it is intended to impart the ability to carry out independent scientific work and, by independently developing new knowledge in the course of the dissertation, to guide the students to the forefront of current geographical research and make a substantial contribution to it. The study is integrated into the Doctoral School of Geography and, in addition to comprehensive teaching of skills, includes the embedding of one's own work in international research by participating in conferences and publishing. The dissertation can have a natural science or interdisciplinary focus.

Study Number:


Minimum number of semesters:
6 Semester

Wolfgang Schöner

Current Curriculum (German only): 
Naturwissenschaftliches Doktoratsstudium Geographie (16W) 
Interdisziplinäres Doktoratsstudium Geographie (16W)

Obsolete Curriculum (German only): 
Doktoratsstudium Geographie (11W)

Module Overview

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