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Master Applied Physical Geography and Mountain Research

The Master programme provides students with a solid specialization in the variety of methods used in physical geography and with a special focus on mountain research. On the methodological side, various geophysical techniques, different geographical technologies (GIS, remote sensing, cartography), hydrological, meteorological and geomorphological measuring methods are taught. In addition, integrative approaches (at the interface between physical geography and human geography) are introduced. In line with the special focus of the institute on mountain research, students are involved into a research-oriented teaching. Topics such as climate change and its effects in mountain regions (especially on the cryosphere), as well as geomorphological processes in mountains are of particular interest. The study is concluded with a thematically related Master's thesis.

Study Number:


Minimum number of semesters:
4 Semester

Wolfgang Schöner

Current Curriculum (German only): 
Masterstudium Angewandte Physische Geographie und Gebirgsforschung (17W) 

Obsolete Curriculum (German only): 
Masterstudium Gebirgs- und Klimageographie (11W)  

Module Overview

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