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Master NAWI GRAZ Geospatial Technologies

The master’s programme Geospatial Technologies is offered as part of a NAWI Graz co-operation programme between the University of Graz and Graz University of Technology. The course catalogue includes a broad range of interdisciplinary and cross-university classes. The master’s programme focuses on describing and analyzing the world using methods of geography and geodesy (surveying). In addition, the programme provides specialization in the fields of geographic information systems, remote sensing, cartography, navigation and location-based services. Particular emphasis is put onto teaching the ability to effectively connect different disciplines. Research topics of Geospatial Technologies are, among others, methods for capturing, analysing and the geovisualisation of spatial information on different scales, providing geodata for various platforms and subsequently analysing and modelling the processes on the earth’s surface.

Study Number:
UB 066 806


Minimum number of semesters:
4 Semester

Wolfgang Sulzer

Current Curriculum (German only): 
Masterstudium Geospatial Technologies (17W)

Module Overview

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